Welcome to White Tiger Motorcycles …

White Tiger Motorcycles was initially a personal interest, consisting of repairing my own Kawasaki ZZR-600E in a shed in my backyard for several years. In March 2020, my beloved wife of 24 years unfortunately passed away after bravely fighting cancer. As one of her final wishes and creative suggestions, She suggested to turn my passion into a professional business … That suggestion became a reality.

We started to acquire several vintage Kawasaki ZZR-600D and E model motorcycles. We embarked on the exciting journey of repairing and restoring these bikes to their former glory. To accomplish this goal, we employed a rigorous process of sourcing carefully selected replacement parts to meet our high standards for safety and quality. Second user parts were tested rigorously before they were used.

Our team knew that to achieve success in this endeavour, we needed to implement forward-thinking practices that would ensure the longevity and reliability of our restored motorcycles. As such, we established trade accounts with reputable suppliers, which enabled us to ensure a steady flow of high-quality replacement parts for future repairs and maintenance requirements. Our focus on quality, safety, and client satisfaction has remained constant throughout our journey, and we look forward to delivering the same to our cherished customers for many years to come.


Bella (Pictured Left) and Bo (Pictured Right) enjoying the winding roads and café at Ponderosa (Wales)

Our Rocky Road  …

When we initially embarked on our business journey, we faced a plethora of challenges that we had to surmount. However, we were resolute in our determination to be successful. We recognized the importance of offering a wide array of products to our customers, so we started to expand our inventory by sourcing OEM and aftermarket parts from different suppliers. 

In order to stand out from our competitors and create some buzz around our brand, we advertised some of our most sought-after items and ensured that our prices were competitively low. Our approach proved to be highly effective as we were soon inundated with orders and had to restock our inventory frequently. Despite facing some initial challenges, we remained optimistic and dedicated to providing our customers with the best products and services possible.

Our Website …

In the middle of the year 2021, we, the founders of wtmotorcycles, had a strong feeling that it was about time for us to broaden our horizons in the vast world of the internet. To achieve this goal, we decided to take the plunge and purchased a domain and hosting. With a lot of hard work and dedication, we managed to create a brand new website filled with exciting products that we were proud to offer to our esteemed customers. Everything was going exceptionally well until we faced an unforeseen challenge that shook us to our very core. During the COVID pandemic, the hosting company that we were using had to shut its doors, and we lost our website! It was an unexpected and tough time for us. Nonetheless, we never gave up on our dream. With grit and determination, we started all over again, taking much better measures this time around, planning our strategy more efficiently, and being more vigilant to avoid any further disasters.

Caliper Rebuilds …

While our website was temporarily “down”, we took the opportunity to explore and experiment with new things. This began when we received numerous requests from customers asking if we could rebuild and recondition motorcycle brake calipers. Though we were hesitant at first, we decided to take a chance and give it a try. We had a few “scrapped” motorcycles in our stock, which we used for our initial attempts. The process was not easy, and we encountered several obstacles along the way (a lot of swearing was heard) like stuck bolts, seized pistons. But with our team’s resourcefulness and determination, we managed to strip down the calipers and rebuild them successfully.

As we examined the calipers overall appearance, we noticed that the paint was dull and looked worn out. We wanted to do something different from our competitors, and so we searched for ways to improve the calipers appearance. We started by degreasing the calipers and invested in a sandblaster and an ultrasonic cleaner. Taking inspiration from various paints, we tried and tested many different colours until we finally found the perfect match. We have also mastered the skill of respraying the calipers and applying a topcoat to protect the paintwork.

With our renewed technique and aesthetic, we have so far restored and reconditioned over 500 brake calipers for all makes and models of motorcycles. Today, we continue to rebuild and upgrade calipers, all of which have passed our rigorous testing.

Kawasaki ZZR-600 (Front)

Kawasaki ZZR-600D (Rear)

Kawasaki ZZR-600E (Rear)

Honda CBR-600 (Front)

Honda CBR-600 (Front)

Rieju MRT-50 (Front)

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