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At times, purchasing new or reconditioned brake calipers can be costly, and rebuilding them may take time. However, we offer an efficient solution by providing an exchange service at a fraction of the price. We also permit exchanging calipers from other motorcycles if you do not have like for like. To utilize our exchange service, kindly purchase the listing then visit our contact us page on where to send your caliper, Please include in the package the order number, your name and address and details of your order..

We make it easy for you by only requiring the caliper and not the brake pads. We are not concerned if the pistons are stuck or seized, as long as the caliper is complete. Once we receive your caliper, we will inspect it to ensure resellable  quality and promptly send you a reconditioned caliper from our stock within 24 to 48 hours. All reconditioned calipers undergo extensive testing to ensure that they function properly and are ready to bolt straight on. Please note that they do not include brake pads. To learn more about our exchange service please see our information pages.

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